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Elections and voting abroad

General Information

General information on Australian elections can be found on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

NSW State Election - 25 March 2023

If you’re taking part in the 2023 NSW State election by postal vote overseas, we’re providing collection services. Between 20 March and 24 March 2023, you can drop off your completed vote during regular business hours from 08:30 to 17:00 hours, Monday to Friday.

If you’re unable to get to us, you can send your completed postal vote directly to the NSW Electoral Commission. For more details, visit:

Voting abroad

Overseas for a short period of time?

If you are overseas for a short period of time and plan to return to your address in Australia you may still vote by:

The forms are available on the AEC website at

Living or working overseas?

If you are overseas and are intending to return to Australia within six years you can register as an overseas elector.

  • If you are already enrolled, you can apply to be an overseas elector up to three months before, or within three years after, you leave Australia by submitting a completed “Registration as an overseas elector” form.
  • If you are not enrolled, and have been overseas for less than three years, you may still be eligible to enrol if you are an Australian citizen aged 18 years or older and intend to return to Australia within six years by submitting a completed “Enrol to vote for federal elections from outside Australia” form.
  • The forms are available on the AEC website at

Moved overseas indefinitely?

Please visit the AEC website for more information at


Any other questions? Please visit the AEC and ABS website at: and