Australian Embassy
The Netherlands

Consular Services for Australians

Consular Services for Australians


Consular Assistance and Travel advice


Emergency Consular Assistance
Australian Citizens requiring urgent consular assistance outside business hours can contact the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre in Australia by calling 070-3108200 and following the instructions.


The Australian Embassy in the Netherlands can provide consular assistance to Australian citizens in the Netherlands, but there may be circumstances in which our ability to provide support is limited. Please consult the Consular Services Charter for details of what we can and cannot do.


Travel Advisories

If you intend to travel abroad, we strongly recommend you read and subscribe to the travel advisories provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of your pre-travel planning.  Travel advice specifically for the Netherlands can be found here.

The advisories highlight areas where it is clearly unsafe to travel, and also contain important information about security, safety, health risks, local laws, entry and exist requirements and natural disasters in more than 160 destinations across the globe.  The Department also issues special advisory bulletins concerning special events or current issues.


Smartraveller's subscription service for Australians overseas

Smartraveller has the latest, authoritative travel advice so you can be informed and prepared about overseas travel. Subscribe to receive travel advice updates - by simply supplying your name and email address – straight to your inbox.

You can now also subscribe to the new SMS service - by supplying your mobile number – to receive critical alerts in the event of a crisis overseas.

In a crisis, Smartraveller will activate a crisis page on its website. It will make it easier for you or someone you know to contact the Australian Government if you need help. It will supplement the consular emergency hotline.

Visit to subscribe or connect with Smartraveller on Facebook and Twitter.


European visas for Australian citizens

The Australian Embassy is not able to advise Australian citizens on visas, entry requirements, or conditions of residence for the Netherlands, the Schengen Zone, or other countries or regions.  For information on these requirements, you should consult the visa issuing authority of the country in question.  For the Netherlands, enquiries should be directed to the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service.


Other services for Australians 

Notarial services and provision of official documents

The Australian Embassy is able to provide a number of notarial services.  For information on the services available from the Embassy, please consult the Notarial Services page of our website.